Going Over Style and Political Power at the Museum at FIT

On Tuesday, October 27, the Museum at FIT will stream a conversation entitled “Style and Political Power” as part of itsfall programming The talk includes MFIT director and chief manager Dr. Valerie Steele and Pulitzer Reward– winning style criticRobin Givhan Throughout thirty minutes, their discussion will concentrate on the politicization of style, the polarizing power of face masks, RBG’s renowned collars, demonstration style, and more.

” At a time when most political discourse is at the level of sound-bites, I am grateful to hear Robin Givhan’s thoughtful and smart observations on style, politics, and power,” states Steele. Throughout the conversation, Givhan will make use of her experience as senior critic-at-large at the Washington Post to check out the crossway of style, politics, and power within present occasions. “The Black Lives Matter protesters’ extremely specific design shows a development in how protesters utilize style,” states Givhan. “It’s less about making themselves look decent for the culture at big and more about taking ownership of their own stories.”

Steele and Givhan will likewise unload the significance of products such as the MAGA hat, PPE, the yellow clothing seen on Portland’s “Wall of Moms,” and the extreme right’s appropriation of the Hawaiian t-shirt.

To enjoy “Style and Political Power,” register here ahead of time or watch here on Tuesday, October 27, at 6 p.m. ET. A Q&A will be held throughout the best of this prerecorded occasion.

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