December 31 COVID-19 Test Outcomes; Record Hospitalizations

by Computed Threat on 12/31/2020 06:51:00 PM

Wanting everybody a safe, healthy and Pleased Brand-new Year!

Note: Anticipate a dip in the information over the vacations. The week-over-week development in favorable cases slowed prior to the vacations. Ideally that continues after the vacations.

I’m eagerly anticipating not publishing this information in a couple of months.

The United States is now balancing near to 2 million tests daily. Based upon the experience of other nations, for appropriate test-and-trace (and seclusion) to decrease infections, the percent favorable requirements to be under 5% (most likely near to 1%), so the United States has far a lot of day-to-day cases – and percent favorable – to do efficient test-and-trace.

There were 1,719,181 test results reported over the last 24 hr.

There were 221,444 favorable tests.

Over 77,000 United States deaths were reported in December, far exceeding April as the most dangerous month. See the chart on US Daily Deaths here.

COVID-19 Tests per Day and Percent Positive Click chart for bigger image.

This information is from the COVID Tracking Project.

The percent favorable over the last 24 hr was 12.9% (red line is 7 day average). The percent favorable is determined by dividing favorable outcomes by overall tests (consisting of pending).

And take a look at COVID Act Now to see how each state is doing. (upgraded link to brand-new website)

COVID-19 Positive Tests per Day The 2nd chart reveals the 7 day average of favorable tests reported and day-to-day hospitalizations.

• Record Hospitalizations

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