Cooperation with R&D companies is substantially unique for innovative innovators

The development efficiency of companies depends upon their capability to innovate in cooperation with external partners. In a research study, HSE scientists discovered that the majority of development in Russian production takes place in a sort of open procedures, however substantial cooperation networks are hardly noticeable. The study was published in the December issue of Foresight and STI Governance.

Utilizing information gathered in 2015 and 2018 from a specialized study determining the development activity of making business, scientists from the Institute for Statistical Researches and Economics of Understanding (ISSEK) of HSE University for the very first time validated the prevalent, however not unambiguously shown, hypothesis that the openness of development technique adds to much better development efficiency.

The study consisted of making business situated in a minimum of 40 areas of Russia. In 2015, the sample consisted of 1,206 business, of which 805 were innovation-active, indicating that they had development activities throughout the previous 3 years, no matter whether the activity led to the execution of a development. In 2018, 545 business of high- and medium-tech production markets (422 of which were innovation-active) were surveyed.

‘ With Russian information we have actually revealed that companies able to produce development of high degree of novelty typically connect with a large range of partners, and, most significantly, carefully comply with R&D companies and universities in development.’ states Valeriya Vlasova, research study co-author and Research study Fellow of the Lab for Economics of Development at HSE University.

In the innovation advancement procedure, companies might comply with various kinds of partners: with worth chain members (customers and providers), rivals, public authorities, seeking advice from companies, and institutional R&D carrying out companies (universities and research study organisations). The released paper analyzes 9 kinds of various partners with which organizations can operate in a variety of mixes.

To recognize patterns in the setup of cooperation networks, the scientists examined 3 elements of network interaction: the option of partners, the function of spatial range, and the period of joint tasks. The analysis made it possible to show a favorable relationship in between the openness of a development technique and business’ development efficiency, in regards to development novelty and export capability.

The outcomes of the research study show that in Russian production, practically all innovation-active business comply with external counterparties in the procedure of development development (98.5%), however just a couple of companies are incorporated into substantial networks.

The most typical cooperative technique is vertical cooperation that is the participation of customers and providers in the development procedure. The location of cooperation hardly ever extends beyond the area’s borders and is mainly of an irregular (short-term) nature. More than 40% of the surveyed business follow this design.

Combination into worldwide networks is weak (less than 5% of surveyed business following this design). A little number of business that take part in worldwide cooperation tend to count on long-lasting linkages with academic community, which is a distinguishing characteristic of the most ingenious Russian business.

‘ In spite of the stereotypes about the unreadiness of Russian science to supply quality used outcomes, it is the active cooperation with universities and research study companies that ends up being a particular function of business capable to produce extremely ingenious items that are competitive in international markets,’ states Vitaliy Roud, research study co-author and Deputy Head of the HSE Lab for Economics of Development.

Innovation-active modern and medium modern business that are participated in industry-science cooperation are regularly concentrated on the development of brand-new and substantially enhanced items or organization procedures; their tactical focuses likewise consist of looking for brand-new customer groups and broadening their line of product. .


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