Cheerleading Coach Fired for Undermining Competing Teenager

A high school coach lost her task after apparently tripping a cheerleader from a competing group throughout a basketball video game. 2 fitness center security videos that were taken throughout the video game reveal the cheerleader doing backflips throughout the court, and after that coach Teresa Fann approaching the teenager and sticking her leg out to stop her.

However after seeing the videos (gotten Wednesday by WRCBtv) from a various angle, a few of the cheerleaders and moms and dads state that Fann, a basketball coach at Grundy County High School in Chattanooga, Tenn., wasn’t attempting to journey the teenager cheerleader from Sequatchie County High School. Rather, they declare that Fann looked out the teenager that she was on the incorrect side of the court and required to return to the opposing group’s side. “The very first video that came out I believe most would concur it painted Ms. Teresa in a bad image,” Talena Green, a cheerleader’s moms and dad, informedWRCBtv “In this brand-new video it reveals the woman toppling throughout the flooring and her crowd is shouting to return over. That is what Ms. Teresa was informing her to do. Remain on her side.”

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Included Green: “Ms. Teresa did not head out there to journey her. She is an expert grownup, a sane grownup. She would not have actually entered front of a crowd of individuals and intentionally journey this woman and hurt her.”


Video still of high school coach Teresa Fann apparently tripping a cheerleader.

After the event, which happened on Jan. 15, the high school superintendent Jessie Kinsey suspended Fann from teaching for 3 days without pay and after that fired her as cheer coach. This is in spite of the reality that the cheerleader Fann is implicated of tripping states she wasn’t hurt and isn’t holding an animosity.

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Even the teenager’s daddy isn’t faulting Fann for anything. “I do not believe she did anything incorrect, and I existed,” the cheerleader’s daddy, Tim Dean, informed WRCBtv. “If I believed my child was being maltreated, I ‘d have been out there in a heart beat. My child was not injured in any method, and she has no difficult sensations versus Teresa.”

In demonstration of Fann’s shooting, numerous cheerleaders at Grundy County High School stopped the team. Kinsey reacted by releasing a letter to the trainees, stating that if they aren’t on the team, they will not make the PE credit they require to finish. Kinsey validated to WRCBtv that Fann will no longer coach the cheerleaders at the school.

( Photos: WRCBtv; leading image: Getty Images)

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