Caspian crisis: Sinking water level threaten biodiversity, economy and local stability


IMAGE: Infographic revealing the results of water level modification in the Caspian Sea location.
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Credit: Naturalis

The water levels of the Caspian Sea will be 9 to 18 meters lower than they are now, German and Dutch scientists determine. In the Nature-journal Communications Earth & & Environment(* )they prompt the world to act. Coastal countries are appropriately stressed over a water level increase, however in the nations around the Caspian Sea over a hundred million individuals are dealing with the opposite issue: a massive drop in water level. Technically, this sea is a land-locked lake, however it is the biggest in the world (371.000 km2), and rather salted.

The biggest lake on the planet is getting smaller sized every year, however. Given that the 90’s, the water level has actually been dropping a couple of centimeters every year. This drop will speed up throughout the upcoming years, researchers from the German universities of Gießen and Bremen computed, together with Dutch geologist Frank Wesselingh.

9 to eighteen metre drop

.(* )” If the North Sea would drop 2 or 3 meters, access to ports like Rotterdam, Hamburg and London would be hindered. Fishing boats and container giants alike would have a hard time, and all the nations on the North Sea would have a substantial issue”, Wesselingh states. “Here, we are discussing a reduction of no less than 9 meters – in the very best case situation.” In the worst case situation, the drop will be eighteen meters, and the Caspian Sea will lose over a 3rd of its area. In the journal

Communications Earth & & Environment

, the 3 researchers are requiring action. Increased evaporation and the loss of sea ice in the winter season will speed up water level drop, they discuss. This will impact the special communities in the location, with their migratory birds, beluga and the endemic Caspian seal, that raises its pups on the sea ice in the North of the Caspian Sea. It will likewise have alarming repercussions for the countless individuals living near the sea, or around the rivers that face it. Politically tense area .

These issues likewise play in an area that is currently politically tense. Azerbaijan, Russia, Iran, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan all share a piece of the Caspian Sea, and would need to make brand-new arrangements on borders and fishing rights. Wesselingh and his German coworkers prompt the development of a worldwide job force, led by the United Nations Environmental Program, that would collaborate the mitigation of this issue. ” This element of environment modification – falling levels of lakes -might be likewise ravaging as international water level increase”, the 3 scientists compose in their post. “Immediate and collaborated action is needed to offset important time lost. The diminishing Caspian Sea may function as a poster kid of the issue, and will assist to galvanize such actions.” .



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