British-bred Royal Enfield speeding ahead in Asia

By Justin Harper
Service press reporter, BBC News

British-bred Royal Enfield is expanding across Asia

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It is now starting increasing sales throughout Asia, and just recently revealed strategies to open a brand-new factory in Thailand.

Asian clients value the design and heritage of its bikes, Royal Enfield president Vinod Dasari informs the BBC.

” We make a substantially much better bike for not a substantially greater cost,” he states.

” Plus we create and produce bikes for the world, not simply India”.

The brand-new Thailand plant is anticipated to be in operation within the next 12 months and will be the company’s greatest factory beyond India.

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Royal Enfield

image caption Royal Enfield’s Continental GT 650 – Ice Queen
It will act as a center to export to other nations in South East Asia consisting of Vietnam, Malaysia and China. Mr Dasari has enthusiastic strategies, intending to release one brand-new bike each quarter for the next 3 to 5 years.

” Asia Pacific is a really amazing and essential market for us, and our purchasers tend to be aspirational, searching for something much better.”

Winners and losers

Asia has a strong custom of motorcycle riding. India is the world’s greatest market for motorcycle sales, followed by Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.

  • Harley-Davidson to exit world’s biggest bike market

Motorcycles are the most convenient method to browse the area’s frequently busy roadways, especially in its huge cities.

Sales for Royal Enfield, which just makes motorcycles in the mid-segment market (250-750cc class), have actually grown 88% throughout the area in the in 2015.

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image caption Royal Enfield is now owned by India’s Eicher Group
Nevertheless, not all motorcycle brand names have actually achieved success in Asia. US-based Harley-Davidson just recently revealed its withdrawal from India, in plain contrast to Royal Enfield’s growth.

” Products of Harley-Davidson were thought about extra-large for India. The facilities, leading speeds and traffic discipline is not extremely fit to travelling at high speeds securely,” states Vivek Vaidya, a transportation specialist at experts Frost & & Sullivan.

” They attempted lower engine sizes however that wasn’t their specialty. Attempting to handle Royal Enfield because section was not so simple,” he includes.

Royal Enfield, on the other hand, has items which quicker fit the area’s bike purchasers, state some.

” Individuals are purchasing Royal Enfield devices based upon their ease of usage, their easy style and their traditional vintage styling,” states Scott Lukaitis, an automobile racing specialist.

” They offer the chance for brand-new riders to get in the power sports neighborhood at a cost-conscious cost point without the requirement to have a lot of mechanical capability or understanding to keep them running.”

Ask Mr Dasari and he stresses Royal Enfield’s heritage as a destination: “We are not simply offering an item, we are offering an experience.”

Royal Enfield: A timeline

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image caption A minimal edition Royal Enfield Classic 500 Pegasus bike was integrated in 2018 to commemorate WW2’s “Flying Flea”
1893. Initially a bike maker, Royal Enfield obtains its name from making parts for the Royal Small Arms Factory, Enfield 1901. Produces its very first motorised bikes in Britain
  • 1914-18. In World War One, provides motorcycles to British, Belgian, French, United States and Russian armies
  • 1932. Develops the famous “Bullet” bike, including the likely “sloper” engine
  • 1939-45. Produces military motorcycles in addition to bikes, generators and anti-aircraft weapons in World War 2 – most notoriously the “Flying Flea”, for usage by parachutists and glider soldiers
  • 1960s. The cultural prime time of traditional motorcycles, however numerous brand names have a hard time consisting of Royal Enfield
  • 1970. Stops UK operations, its Indian subsidiary takes control of production
  • 1994. India’s Eicher Motors purchases Enfield India, relabeling it Royal Enfield Motors Limited
  • 2020. UK is still a crucial market – its Interceptor 650 is the very popular middleweight bike
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image caption Previous United States chat program host Jay Leno is a fan of Royal Enfield
Next year marks Royal Enfield’s 120th anniversary given that it constructed its very first motorcycle. Although with India still fighting Covid-19 it has actually not revealed any strategies yet to commemorate this turning point. When it comes to the future of the Asian motorcycle sector in a post-pandemic world, numerous see ongoing development.

” The basic agreement is worry of infection might move individuals far from shared transportation to private movement. For this reason, the most inexpensive mode for backwoods is the bike,” states Mr Vaidya.

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