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This evaluation belongs to our community-driven book competition,The Big Community Book-Off With your aid, we’re discovering the very best books throughout classifications (from bread to pasta, one-bowl to weeknight-friendly, and cake to cookies, among others), and putting them through a series of extensive evaluations– thought about, checked, and composed by none besides you. Therefore, let’s hand it off to our neighborhood members Laura, Matt, andJody Here are their evaluations of your 5 preferred cookie books– and their nail-biting decision on which one ruled supreme. Spoiler alert: they discovered the finest chocolate chip cookie.

A month back, the 3 people generally won the cookbook-nerd lotto. Food52 emailed us requesting for aid examining 5 preferred cookbooks for the Cookie Book-Off After almost a year of working from house and helping with remote school, we desired a little bit of enjoyable; we struck reply instantly to state, yes!

I do not believe we need to persuade you: Cookies are an unique happiness in life, and no doubt a vital part of the vacations. Sharing homemade cookies brings us together. What book would assist us, as amateur bakers, to the heights of cookie success? We put ourselves under the tutelage of these precious bakers, baked long into the night, and consumed cookies for 3 weeks directly. We ended up being cookie-book lovers.

If you like to bake, all 5 finalists should have a put on your rack. Each is outstanding in its own method. However, as fellow Food52ers, we think our preferred may be your preferred, too.

Initially, our requirements. We chose that a range of aspects are essential and provided each equivalent weight in our evaluation:

Deliciousness. Pretty certainly, how great are the cookies? Leading marks for a couple of astonishing deals with, however are the dishes regularly outstanding?

Binge-worthiness. Do you wish to check out the book cover-to-cover? Exists a genius, rock-star dish in there that makes it an important book for each cookie enthusiast’s rack?

Ease Of Access. Are the dishes fairly simple to re-create? Are the active ingredients quickly discovered at the regional supermarket? Are the tools needed requirement to the typical house kitchen area, or do they need a great deal of pricey devices?

Educational worth. Do you find out something brand-new from the book, ending up being a much better baker as you work your method through? Exist extra abilities and techniques, or a basic viewpoint shared that exceeds cookie dishes?

The 5 cookie book finalists, picked by you, the Food52 neighborhood, are:

How could we ever be unbiased about a contrast? Jody put down the onslaught: a chocolate chip cookie lineup. We each baked a chocolate chip cookie dish from all 5 books. We tasted them ourselves– and fed them to as numerous household, pals, and colleagues as Covid-19 limitations would permit.

Image by Laura Clark

In most cases, the chocolate chip cookies exhibited the distinctions in between the books and their authors. However to truly be familiar with the competitors, each people likewise baked a minimum of 3 extra dishes from each book. As an outcome, the last winner of the Cookie Book-Off is based upon the outcomes of making a minimum of 10 dishes from each book and reading it cover-to-cover.

If you did the mathematics, you’ll observe that each people baked a minimum of 20 batches of cookies And while the majority of the cookies we made were great or outstanding, we likewise found a couple of especially delicious dishes, and we’ll inform you about those, too.

1. BraveTart by Stella Parks

Image by Amazon

It is rather exceptional that Stella Parks’s BraveTart makes it on the list of finalists for finest cookie cookbook due to the fact that, as a James Beard Award– winning opus covering all kinds of American desserts, it consists of just about 2 lots cookie dishes. Parks supplies core dishes for favorites like chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies, and snickerdoodles– all delicious, with numerous variations to make them precisely to your preference– along with a bigger selection of knock-off dishes for brand-name cookies, from Fig Newtons to Thin Mints. If Americana is your jam, this is the book for you.

Many significant about BraveTart is Parks’ precise conversation of each reward, informing us where it originated from, its advancement with time, and comprehensive descriptions about how to accomplish each confection. She supplies active ingredient amounts by weight (for those who choose to determine by scale) and volume (for those dedicated to their cup procedures) and notes the precise brand names of particular active ingredients where she believes it would impact the outcome. All of us delighted in the initial area she calls “Notes on Components and Devices,” loaded with fascinating realities along with useful takeaways. For example, she goes over the character of various flours that offer under the label “all-purpose,” suggesting Gold Medal for all of her dishes to accomplish a constant outcome. Readers will value that at any time invested with this book will raise their baking. Embedded throughout the book are mini-histories of American desserts: As Matt kept in mind, “It’s as much a coffee-table book as a cookbook.”

In the chocolate chip cookie lineup, we discovered the BraveTart Sliced Chocolate Chip Cookies top-notch. Every cookie looks amazing due to the fact that she encourages the precise weight/size of each dough ball and requires including extra chips and flaky salt for decor to the tops prior to baking. She extravagantly recommends utilizing 3 kinds of chocolate (milk, dark, and white portions) and unabashedly requires a complete tablespoon of vanilla extract. The outcome is a thick and gooey cookie, with abundant caramelization, lacy texture … and a great deal of chocolate.

Customer Matt had a small assistant for dealing with BraveTart’s Oreos

Image by Matt Murphy

Parks’ traditional cookie dishes are each extremely effective. Her Honey-Roasted Peanut Butter Cookies need the additional action of pulsing the peanuts in a food mill to make a peanut flour, yielding a bakery-style reward studded with little peanut portions. Her Shiny Fudge Brownies, made with simply cocoa powder (and no chocolate), will be a go-to dish with their chewy, wet interior and crackly top. What is more uncommon, and happily unexpected, are her reproduction dishes. In each of our tests– Homemade Nilla Wafers, Crispy Whole Wheat Graham Crackers, and Homemade Oreo Cookies— she surpasses the initial, while keeping the core building and taste profile of the treats we matured on.

Image by Amazon

Martha Stewart’s Cookie Excellence is perfect for bakers wishing to make scrumptious and Instagram-worthy cookies utilizing traditional treatments, basic tools, and (for the many part) kitchen staples. In a couple of cases, just like the Chocolate Shortbread Hearts, a couple of specialized tools are required, care is needed, and some practice assists; in other cases, such as the Papillons, with just 2 active ingredients and a folding treatment, we got an easy showstopper.

Dishes in this book are arranged by classifications, such as “All Dressed Up,” “Classics With a Twist,” “Huge Cookies,” and “Event Cookies,” each with standard directions and pointers that are on point. For example, it’s discussed that the longer the chocolate chip cookie dough chills, the more caramelization will happen. Customer Laura baked half the batch she made after a couple hours of cooling and the 2nd half after the dough had actually invested a week in the freezer and concurred– although newly baked cookies are constantly great, there is a significant distinction in the character of the 2, the latter being crunchier.

Our impression was that Martha Stewart’s Cookie Excellence is a book for seasonal and novice bakers: It does not presume you own a stand mixer; measurements are by volume, not weight; and there is a “Strategies” area that supplies images and directions for standard baking treatments, such as presenting dough and icing a cookie. However we will return to this book once again and once again just due to the fact that of the quality of the dishes and their ratios. Advanced bakers will value, for instance, that much of the dishes require coarse salt, which we discovered produces subtle dimensionality in the taste of the completed cookies.

With remote school, there was a “cookie curriculum” at customer Laura’s home.

Image by Laura Clark

Martha Stewart’s Amazing Chocolate Chip Cookies are huge and delicious. Among our youngest cookie cups, a six-year-old chocoholic, demands calling them “Martha’s Deliciousness.” (As in, “I wish to consume a Martha’s Deliciousness.”) They are basically chocolate held together with a percentage of dough– captivating and sure to be successful in any bake sale.

Image by Amazon

The King Arthur Flour Cookie Buddy is a 528-page compendium of more than 400 dishes, providing choices for each baker no matter their choices. Do you like pignoli cookies? It’s the only book of the 5 that supplies a dish to make them (and it’s a great one). If there is a cookie you are yearning, you will discover it in this book.

If you didn’t have a grandmotherly figure present you to baking maturing, this is the voice you require in your head, the one that informs you to utilize the correct kind of determining cup for the active ingredient you’re dealing with and diagrams out how to fluff, spoon, and sweep your flour for a precise measurement. The King Arthur Cookie Buddy dedicates half a page to how to inform when your brownies are done, and while this might look like overkill, among the excellent lessons of this baking workout is that taking the cookies out of the oven at simply the best minute is important. Of all the books we evaluated, this one is the most total intro to baking cookies. It is likewise the only one that is mainly printed in black and white (with color pictures appearing in the middle of the book).

A great percentage of cookies in this book require reducing or grease either solely or in addition to butter. So when we chose a dish to put in our chocolate chip cookie lineup, we selected the Traditional Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies, which requires both reducing and butter. The dish remarkably consists of a touch of vinegar, which the authors describe assists the cookies increase more, along with moods the sweet taste of the chocolate and sugar. How did they fare? Definitely delicious. A number of our cups kept in mind a “weird” taste, which we think is the vinegar. They were likewise lighter in taste and density than much of the others, making it simple to come back for cookie after cookie.

Dishes in The King Arthur Cookie Buddy are arranged by “cookie households.” The very first chapter covers what they think about to be the 9 important American cookies, followed by extensive choices by classification, such as “Drop Cookies” and “Roll-Out Cookies.” In addition, there is a whole chapter on “Gluten-Free Cookies and Treats.” We ended up being enamored with their Sugary Food Oatcakes for a variation on shortbread and their Butterscotch Chews with a fantastic brown sugar and pecan taste. Their brownies, which Jody kept in mind were “fudgy and thick,” included a golden suggestion about getting that traditional crackly shine on top.

Image by Amazon

Laura cuddled in with a glass of red wine and check out Dorie’s Cookies in a single sitting. It’s wonderfully composed, and you truly familiarize Dorie Greenspan– her friends and family, along with her enthusiasm for establishing brand-new cookie dishes. It resembles entering the wonderful mind of a cooking artist. The book is well called due to the fact that these cookies all have Greenspan’s signature taste and texture choices, which feature a little bit of accuracy and sophistication.

In truth, to discover such a standard dish as Dorie Greenspan’s My Traditional Best Chocolate Chip Cookies for our cookie contrast, we needed to seek advice from the sidebar on page 127. This concealed gem has actually been her preferred chocolate chip cookie dish for twenty years, and she released it simply as an option to her unique production, My Most Recent Chocolate Chip Cookies Both dishes are great; the initial is a healthy classic: buttery, flat, and large, with great caramelization. It’s less Instagrammable than some others; in the mouth, it’s peaceful excellence.

Customer Jody consumes cookies for breakfast like a genuine champ.

Image by Jody Docksteader

If you bake one dish from this book, let it be her Jammers: neat layers of shortbread, brilliant raspberry jam, and an abundant streusel topping. Greenspan takes what might effectively have actually been a hard cookie– it’s both classy and one hundred percent home cooking– and makes it friendly for house bakers. In her cookie store, she utilized rings, however in her cookbook, she suggests putting together the elements in muffin tins, and it wasn’t tough at all. It’s an exceptional translation of a chefy food to the house kitchen area, and it feels victorious upon conclusion.

Dorie’s Cookies easily guides us to next-level accuracy. For instance, each dish supplies 2 various salt amounts, to accommodate whether we occur to equip kosher or sea salt. She supplies both volume and weight measurements, pointers for saving each kind of cookie, and opens the book with an area called “The Perfect Cookie Handbook.” Greenspan conversationally describes how each action of the procedure adds to the outcome and, incredibly, it feels fresh, due to the fact that in some cases her procedure defies traditional knowledge. She includes the flour simultaneously. She rolls dough out prior to cooling it. And she has her factors. Greenspan likewise comprehends the impulse of the house baker to adjust dishes based upon individual choice and the active ingredients they have on hand, and she consistently motivates us to join her in the innovative procedure.

Image by Amazon

The Cookie Collection was the winner of our chocolate chip cookie lineup. The winning dish: The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies They’re well balanced (read: not too sweet), wonderfully textured, and addictively great. Matt called them “the platonic suitable of a chocolate chip cookie.” And they are simply one dish from a whole area, called “The Required Chocolate Chip Chapter,” dedicated to this design.

Other chapters consist of “FOMO Cookies” (Hoffman’s take on viral dishes), “Boozy Cookies,” “Spice It Up,” and “Bake It Larger,” making it simple to discover precisely which dish will please the baker’s desire. And, undoubtedly, Hoffman’s dishes got the most leading marks from our customers of any of the books, with Matt summing up: “Whatever here has actually been a hit.” Amongst our favorites are the Piñon Mexican Wedding Event Cookies, Irish Creme Thumbprints, and the supersized event Sprinkle Sugar Cookie. We would be remiss if we didn’t point out the Cardamom Tahini Shortbread, and Jody explained the Ginger Molasses Sugar Cookie as “excellence … chewy ginger, swimming pools of chocolate, crinkly tops; a little spicy and a lot indulgent.”

We believe The Cookie Collection will thrill anybody. Without excitement, Hoffman shares comprehensive tips to yield excellent cookies, whether it’s recommending a spray of ornamental salt, freezing palmiers prior to baking, or explaining the wanted viscosity of caramel. No matter your ability level, his cookies– your cookies— will end up wonderfully.

Prior to we inform you the winner …

As amateur bakers, did we find out anything from the procedure of examining 5 excellent cookie books? You betcha!

Laura: “My individual objective through this procedure has actually been to recognize the preferred cookie of every member of my household. Chocolate chip cookies got high marks from everybody, however I likewise found just how much variety there remains in the heights of cookie pleasure. This vacation, everybody will get their preferred. Our cookie tray will have Brian Hart Hoffman’s Cookies & & Cream Cookies, Piñon Mexican Wedding Event Cookies, and German Almond Crescent Cookies, Dorie Greenspan’s Coffee-Cardamom Cookies and Jammers, The King Arthur Flour Cookie Buddy‘s Soft Molasses Cookies, and the Speculaas from Martha Stewart’s Cookie Excellence On the other hand, as a baker, I have actually found out to see the cookies like a hawk for the last 3 minutes of cooking, to ensure they come out at simply the correct time. I likewise put a thermometer in my oven and it ends up my oven thermostat is off by various quantities at various temperature levels, so it’s simply going to reside in there from now on.”

Matt: “In regards to lessons, I ‘d state they mainly originated from Dorie’s Cookies (which I believe is what makes it extremely near the top of my list), such as utilizing a muffin tin for shortbread so they keep a great round shape and get a little bit of texture on the edge; producing an espresso extract (utilized in the Espresso Chocolate Sablés) that I am eagerly anticipating contributing to chocolate cookies or brownies in the future; and even things I must have most likely currently understood or done in the past, like presenting dough in between 2 sheets of parchment prior to cooling. While the technical lessons originated from Dorie, some basic lessons found out:

  • There is no limitation to the quantity of chocolate chip cookies a four-year-old can consume.
  • You must constantly keep a tab open with your individual e-mail while working, simply in case you require to react to Food52 as quick as humanly possible to be consisted of in such an amazing job.
  • This experience truly brought house just how much I miss out on collecting with similar cookbook enthusiasts as part of our regular monthly cookbook club. Here’s to rebooting old customs in 2021!”

Jody: “I utilized to see MasterChef and get stress and anxiety that I didn’t have actually standard dishes remembered for things like cake, pasta, pastries, and bread. And after that I understood that I can make a cookie without a dish, and undoubtedly do so a minimum of when a week. So the concept of a cookbook for cookies was both interesting (due to the fact that it’s my most baked and most delighted in homemade reward) and curious (how could there be 5 cookbooks about something I could currently make from memory?). I aspired to find out something revolutionary.

  • For skilled bakers, there is both little to discover making cookies and a world of unlimited chances to read more. I was cleaned of a rut I had actually gladly settled into and able to experience the happiness of others’ schemes and choices.
  • There is more to “cookies” than chocolate chip and ginger molasses! I had actually never ever included five-spice powder, coriander, or reducing to a cookie prior to. And I consumed a World Peace Cookie that practically made me a follower.
  • An extremely basic suggestion that quickly enhanced my life: Spray your measuring cups and spoons with oil prior to scooping molasses and corn syrup for simple disposing!
  • Never ever believe you have actually discovered “the very best” anything. There is constantly more to check out and methods to level up and expand out.
  • If I am ever on MasterChef, I will make The Cookie Collection‘s Ginger Molasses Sugar Cookies with taken shape ginger and a hit of rum.

The Cookie Collection by Brian Hart Hoffman

The Cookie Collection is the winner of the Cookie Book-Off. While there was a small dispute in selecting a winner, it was simply that: small. The Cookie Collection vanquished all competitors in 3 of our 4 requirements: deliciousness, binge-worthiness, and ease of access. While you will find out a lot from The Cookie Collection, our runner-up, Dorie’s Cookies, is where we ‘d recommend you choose your Cookie PhD.

The Cookie Collection‘s winning qualities were found in the doing; after our marathon baking session examining these books, we aren’t stopping; we’re switching in this book’s dishes for our preferred traditional dishes– and returning to bake more.

Which kinds of books would you like to see evaluated in 2021? Let us understand in the remarks!

This post consists of items separately picked by Food52 editors. As an Amazon Partner, Food52 might make an affiliate commission on certifying purchases.

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