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” Over the weekend, the songwriting engine behind 2000s indie rock favorites the Long Winters published a since-deleted Twitter thread about making his starving 9-year-old find out on her own how to utilize a can opener to break a can of beans. [John] Roderick explained the anecdote as a ‘teachable minute’ that caused a six-hour battle driving his child to tears and, ultimately, a dull yet prideful triumph treat.”–The Seattle Times

Why did the chicken cross the roadway?

The response was right there, if she would just put 2 and 2 together. However, after 6 hours secured the chicken cage, my child was no closer to comprehending the fundamentals of bird psychology.

Why could not the bike stand by itself?

It was two-tired. Likewise, I eliminated the kickstand, however if you get tired of holding your bike up all on your own, honey, I can constantly offer it on eBay.

” I’m starving!”

” Hey There, Hungry. I’m Jigsaw. Hope you can resolve this kitchen puzzle prior to you starve to death!”

Who’s got 2 thumbs and no compassion?

What did the buffalo state when his kid went off to college?

” Bison. As quickly as you can find out how to reconstruct that carburetor, I’ll more than happy to drop you off at your dormitory.”

Why was 6 scared of 7?

Since 7 taught 6 that the only method to win a guy’s approval is by negating her own self-agency in order to comply with the male’s egocentric worth system.

” Daddy, can you put my shoes on?”

” I do not believe they’ll fit me. Likewise, we’re both going barefoot up until you have actually effectively tanned the leather for the replacement soles on your Keds.”

” Daddy, can you put the feline out?”

” I didn’t understand it was on fire! Anyhow, it’s most likely far too late for Mittens. However, if you study the fire extinguisher carefully, you still may be able to conserve your little bro.”

” Knock, knock!”

” Who exists?”

” Disrupting child.”

” Disrupting child wh–“

” ‘ Wah wah wah! Daddy, I’m starving! Daddy, my standard psychological and physical requirements aren’t being satisfied.’ Now do you see how self-centered it sounds when you disrupt Daddy’s sudoku time?”

What’s brown and sticky?

A stick. Likewise, these baked beans that I have actually discarded on top of the divorce documents your mother served me.

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