Autologous chondrocyte implantation in the knee: M-ACI has similar advantage to treatment option

Autologous chondrocyte implantation (ACI) has actually been utilized in grownups with deep cartilage flaws for over thirty years and has actually been even more established and customized in time. For the most current treatment, matrix-induced ACI (M-ACI), beneficial impacts have actually been revealed recommending that the advantages are at least similar to those of treatment options. No benefits appear for the other 2 older treatments, collagen-covered ACI (ACI-C) and ACI with a periosteal flap (ACI-P)

This is the conclusion of the last report that the German Institute for Quality and Performance in Healthcare (IQWiG) has actually now provided on behalf of the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA). The patient-relevant advantage of all 3 generations of ACI ¬- ACI-P, ACI-C or M-ACI – was examined.

Matrix-induced ACI provides technical benefits

ACI has actually been utilized in Germany for several years to deal with cartilage flaws in grownups impacting more than half of the cartilage depth or extending into the underlying bone. Today, M-ACI is the most typically utilized method; according to numerous discuss the initial report, the 2 older treatments, ACI-C and ACI-P, no longer have any useful significance.

In the two-stage treatment, cartilage is very first eliminated, cultivated in a lab and after that implanted into the problem in a 2nd action. In M-ACI, the cultivated cartilage cells are straight repaired on a provider matrix and reimplanted into the cartilage problem location. This technical development supersedes the more complicated fixation and water tight sealing of a cell suspension in the cartilage problem that is needed with the older treatments – when it comes to ACI-P utilizing periosteum or when it comes to ACI-C utilizing a collagen membrane. In general, M-ACI makes surgical treatment a lot easier.

Beneficial impacts just with M-ACI

Based upon a meta-analysis of the research study information from 7 RCTs, it can be presumed that the M-ACI treatment has an advantage a minimum of similar to that of treatment options such as microfracturing or mosaicplasty: Statistically considerable impacts in favour of M-ACI were revealed for knee function and health-related lifestyle, however were not of a scientifically pertinent magnitude. The outcomes for other results likewise recommend nearly without exception a benefit of M-ACI, so that in general an advantage for M-ACI a minimum of similar to the treatment options can be identified.

The 2 older treatments, ACI-P and ACI-C, regularly produce even worse outcomes when taken a look at separately: Based upon partially irregular arise from 2 RCTs on each treatment, neither an advantage of ACI-C and ACI-P appears, nor can a similar advantage to treatment options be identified.


Treatment of report production

IQWiG released the initial lead to the kind of the initial report in June 2020 and welcomed remarks. After conclusion of the commenting treatment, the job group modified the initial report and sent it as a last report to the contracting company, the G-BA, in November. The last report includes modifications that arised from the commenting treatment. The composed remarks gotten were released in a different file at the exact same time as the last report.

An English-language extract of the report will be offered quickly. If you want to be notified when this file is offered, please send out an email to .

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