Asobo Studio flaunts real-time snow in ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’

Last month, Microsoft Flight Simulator designer Asobo Studio released an upgrade that made the program suitable with the majority of VR headsets. Among the improvements that presented with it is snow and ice protection for Flight Simulator’s Live Weather condition function, which might make flying over virtual landscapes much more practical. Now the designer has actually flaunted what the improvement can do as part of its New Year greeting, and it sure can make the program’s environments look remarkable.

The video, caught in 4K, demonstrates how maps you might have seen prior to would appear like when blanketed with snow. Anticipated to see snow– capped mountains, grainy trees and drifting ice sheets, depending upon where you are. And because it’s actual time, the quantity of white you see modifications– you might take pleasure in flying over the very same places once again and once again to see what they take a look at various times.

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