Animal Information Trivia Test

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If you believe penguins can fly, this test isn’t for you.

  1. Recently hatched caterpillars (described as larvae) usually get their very first meal from their own eggshells.

    Via Disney/Pixar.

  2. The trumpeter swan weighs about 30 pounds. That’s two times the weight of a typical Thanksgiving turkey

    Via 20th Century Fox.

  3. Skunks, leopards, and tigers are most active after the sun decreases however not sheep. They’re quick bah-sleep.

    Via Aardman Animations.

  4. Adult walrus (or walruses– either spelling is thought about appropriate) consume about 3% to 6% of their overall weight daily.

    Via @arsenijevujovic.

  5. Child bunnies are called packages, and a group of bunnies is called a herd!

    Via Disney.

  6. It would take 7 koalas stacked on top of one another to determine up to the height of a male giraffe which can grow to be 19-feet high!

    Via @stefanieshank.

  7. They utilize chemical signals to interact that something isn’t ideal!

    Via @barcthedog.
    through Giphy.

  8. Emperor, Chinstrap, and Macaroni penguins are in fact 3 of the 18 various types of penguin!

    Via Animation Network.

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