ACM-SIAM Seminar on Discrete Algorithms (SODA21)

SODA is sponsored by the SIAM Activity Group on Discrete Mathematics and the ACM Unique Interest Group on Algorithms and Calculation Theory. .

This seminar concentrates on research study subjects connected to effective algorithms and information structures for discrete issues. In addition to the style of such techniques and structures, the scope likewise includes their usage, efficiency analysis, and the mathematical issues connected to their advancement or restrictions. Efficiency analyses might be analytical or speculative and might resolve worst-case or expected-case efficiency. Research studies can be theoretical or based upon information sets that have actually developed in practice and might resolve methodological problems associated with efficiency analysis. .(* )The following conferences will be held collectively: .

ACM-SIAM Seminar on Discrete Algorithms .

SIAM Seminar on Algorithm Engineering and Experiments .
SIAM Seminar on Simpleness in Algorithms .
SIAM Seminar on Algorithmic Concepts of Computer System Systems .



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