A Renter-Friendly Mirror Hack – A $5 Immediate Mirror Upgrade

I’m uncertain what it had to do with the 80s and 90s that made house owners and specialists choose that mirrored walls and closets were cool. Sure, they’re practical– no requirement to search the web for a budget friendly flooring mirror– however they make a blank wall or door practically dead area. If you own stated mirrored wall, you undoubtedly have complimentary reign to rip it out, however as a tenant, I unfortunately do not have this liberty.

In my bed room, I have not one, however 2 (I understand, huge time high-end) mirrored closets straight beside each other, and it’s simply … method excessive mirror. I understood upon relocating that I ‘d wish to get rid of a minimum of one door, so the one with integrated racks is now devoid of its mirrored cage (the door has actually considering that been pushed into the hall closet to be reattached when I leave).

The other mirrored doors, however, stayed an issue for me. The diagonal edge around the boundary– a truly out-of-date information– simply contributed to my problems.

At First, I was influenced by currently-trending industrial floor mirrors, and thisTikTok viral way to hack it However truthfully, I had actually simply completed a big furnishings flip, and was tired of woodworking. Then it struck me: electrical tape. It’s inexpensive, simple to use, and even much easier to get rid of when I leave.

This small-but-mighty Do It Yourself might not have actually ended up much better, in my viewpoint. Keep reading for how to recreate the simplest mirror remodeling.

Prior To

Image by Caroline Mullen


Image by Caroline Mullen

What You’ll Require:

What You’ll Do:

  1. Start by determining the height and width of your mirror panel to identify how huge you ‘d like each “pane” to be. Each of the mirrors I covered were 76″ x 17.5″, and I chose to make each pane 10.25″ x 8″, developing 14 panes, i.e. the height divided by 7 and the width divided by 2.
  2. Step and mark where you’ll include the electrical tape with painter’s tape, so you have a guide. If this were a sheetrock wall, I ‘d utilize pencil, however alas, it is not.
  3. Include the electrical tape the whole time your guides, taking care not to extend it excessive, due to the fact that it can get a little wonky. You can eyeball whether it’s directly, or utilize a level to be exact.
  4. That is … actually it. How simple?

Would you attempt this on your mirror or window? Let us understand listed below!

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