7 Tomato Paste Substitutes – Quick Tomato Paste Substitutes

Tomato paste is having amoment Made by simplifying tomato juice into smooth, focused kind, tomato paste is definitely loaded with umami. Simply a tablespoon can change a braise, stew, or soup, imbuing it with an unplaceable however dynamic richness. Knead it into bread dough for a ruby-red pop, or include it to tomato sauce to make it much more tomato-y. The chances are unlimited, however this abundant, sweet vermillion compound is simply the example I’m continuously forgetting on my grocery runs. So if you’re gazing down a dish that requires some paste and require a fast tomato paste alternative, we have your back.

Here are 7 tomato paste replaces you most likely have on hand:

Do It Yourself Tomato Paste

In essence, tomato paste is simply squashed, lowered tomatoes. Though the things in a tube (or small can) is boiled for lots of hours from fresh tomatoes, you can attain a comparable outcome much quicker by beginning with a can of crushed canned tomatoes or tomato puree. Step out 5 times as much crushed or pureed as the quantity of tomato paste you’ll require into a pan. Give a boil, then decline to a mild simmer, stirring regularly, till lowered to a thick paste.

Canned (or Homemade) Tomato Sauce

Tomato paste includes richness, sweet taste, umami, and, obviously, tomato taste to whatever it touches. While tomato sauce is much less focused than tomato paste, and does not have the exact same deep taste profile that originate from slow-cooking, it remains in the ballpark. And if you’re making a braise or stew that’s implied to prepare down over a number of hours, the tomato sauce will have a possibility to get a few of paste’s depth and richness as it simmers.

Fresh Tomatoes

To turn fresh tomatoes into tomato paste, prepare them down, pressure out the skins (and/or puree the flesh) and after that prepare down even more till extremely thick.


An appealing alternative since of its comparable color and viscosity, catsup can work as an alternative in a pinch when changing percentages of tomato paste in dishes. Though it is very important to keep in mind that catsup is experienced with sugar and vinegar, and does not have the tasty umami character of tomato paste. If replacing with catsup, you can eliminate extra sweeteners like honey or sugar in the remainder of the dish.


Bear with me here. Miso might be from a various cooking universe than tomato paste, however think about them as long-lost cousins. Where tomato paste obtains its abundant umami character from tomatoes themselves (which have lots of glutamic acid), and from the Maillard response, the flavor-chemical cacophony that emerges when amino acids are heated up with minimizing sugars, miso is umami-loaded by method of fermentation. Both pastes have a rounded sweet taste and an earthy undertone. I constantly include a touch of miso when I make tomato sauce to offer it that secret richness, and you need to too. Understand, obviously, that miso tastes absolutely nothing like tomatoes, and will not provide tomato taste to meals.

Oyster Sauce

I’m truly going out on a limb now, however seriously, what isn’t enhanced by a dash of thick, salty-sweet oyster sauce? Though the majority of typical in dishes of East and Southeast Asian origin, you can sub an equivalent quantity of oyster sauce in location of tomato paste in braises and stews. However expect a darker color and less level of acidity as an outcome (and no tomato taste, obviously). As it’s made with oysters, it’s likewise essential to keep in mind that this alternative will not work for vegetarians.

Worcestershire Sauce

This peculiar blend of anchovy, vinegar, tamarind, onions, spices, is precious around the world for its sour-savory kick. (Once again, vegetarians will wish to avoid this tomato paste option.) Nobody would error it for tomato paste, however it does contribute the umami and sour notes your meal might be missing out on in its lack. Include a couple of dashes to taste in braises or stews, and think about including a pinch of sugar to make up for the level of acidity.

What do you grab when you run out tomato paste? Let us understand in the remarks.

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