22 frightening PC scary video games to have fun with the lights off

Another one for fans of New Weird, Control definitely isn’t the most conventional scary video game. Hell, it’s not even the most conventional scary video game made by Treatment. That ‘d be Alan Wake, obviously.

However Control draws a great deal of motivation from The Southern Reach Trilogy, from SCP Structure, from Home of Leaves, from The X-Files and Twin Peaks– simply put, from a great deal of sources that are scary or a minimum of horror-adjacent. It’s seldom frightening however it’s generally weird, a prevalent sense of wrongness that occurs from every empty workplace, every blank concrete wall, and … well, most likely from individuals drifting stationary in the air too.

It’s the kind of scary that beings in the back of your mind, like the veil of the world’s been torn back simply a bit to expose the void looking through. And that’s very special indeed.

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