2021 PC forecasts and consuming our words from 2020|The Complete Geek ep. 163 

Now that the gang’s choices for the best PC hardware of 2020 have actually been crowned, it’s time to look into the crystal ball. In this episode of The Complete Geek, Gordon Ung, Brad Chacos, Alaina Yee, and Adam Patrick Murray make vibrant forecasts about what to anticipate from the world of computing in 2021, despite the fact that 2020 has actually shown that attempting to think what the future holds is a fool’s video game.

It’s possible though. We begin things off by revisiting our PC predictions for 2020, made twelve long months earlier– prior to AMD toppled Intel’s desktop gaming dominance, prior to Apple migrated Macs to ARM (with fantastic results), prior to next-gen graphics cards immediately offered out, and prior to we releasedour sweet Full Nerd merch We still got a lot right! In truth, we prepared for AMD and Apple’s relocations. However we likewise got a lot incorrect in the past’s intensifying argument, and forecasts aren’t any enjoyable without repercussions. For the ones we got incorrect, we actually consume our words. Each people brought our penalizing special, however the failures still taste bitter with every bite.

With our stubborn bellies complete, we rely on fresh forecasts, and in some way, the remaining paper in between our teeth does not render us remarkably gun-shy. By the end of the program, we release over 50 various bets– some vibrant, some not-so-bold, some totally outrageous– on Intel’s long-delayed 10nm processors, on how Windows 10 reacts to ARM Macs, on PCIe 5 and DDR5, on the future of graphics cards and their creative upscaling techniques, and much, a lot more.

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