16-foot crocodile nicknamed ‘overload king’ was Earth’s fear countless years ago

A massive 16-foot long crocodile nicknamed the “overload king” that terrified ancient waters a few million years ago has actually been recognized.

The brand-new types of ancient reptile, Paludirex vincenti (which in Latin implies “overload king Vincent,” after the late fossil collector Geoff Vincent) was found in Queensland, Australia, in the 1980s. It was just just recently that scientists truly analyzed the fossilized 25-inch-long skull to get a concept of the size of the monster.

” The ‘overload king’ was one daunting croc,” the research study’s lead author, University of Queensland Ph.D. prospect Jorgo Ristevski, stated in a statement.

” Its fossilized skull steps around 65 centimeters, so we approximate Paludirex vincenti was at least 5 meters long. The biggest crocodylian today is the Indo-Pacific crocodile, Crocodylus porosus, which grows to about the very same size. However Paludirex had a more comprehensive, more heavy-set skull so it would’ve looked like an Indo-Pacific crocodile on steroids.”

The 'swamp king' was one intimidating croc. (Credit: The University of Queensland)

The ‘overload king’ was one daunting croc. (Credit: The University of Queensland).


It’s thought that the massive head enabled the huge reptile to hunt giant ancient marsupials, making it among the leading predators of its time.

” The waterways of the Beloved Downs would when have actually been an extremely hazardous location due to the fact that of it,” Ristevski included.

The research study was released in the clinical journal PeerJ

Scientists have actually discovered a lot about ancient crocodiles in current months. In June, specialists identified footprints from a 13-foot crocodile that lived in between 110 and 120 million years earlier and strolled on 2 legs,

In February, a “bone-crushing” 7-foot long crocodile– – nicknamed the “T. Rex of its time”– – that strolled on all fours however utilized its hind legs to run 230 million years earlier, was discovered in Brazil.


In September 2019, fossils of a 30-foot crocodile-like animal that lived 210 million years earlier and consumed herbivore dinosaurs and mammals were discovered in southern Africa. Individually in September 2019, the identity of a huge, 15-foot ancient crocodile that lived 180 million years earlier was correctly recognized almost 250 years after its fossils were very first found.

In September 2018, scientists discovered an ancient kind of crocodile that lived throughout the Jurassic Duration.

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